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What if you get offered your dream job tomorrow and they ask for your CV? Is it something you are proud of? Or does it need some TLC?

Get some handy tips and tricks from the experts on how to create an epic resume that employers can’t say no to. Introducing an event collaborating two non-for-profit organisations, The Design Kids and The Northern Young Professional Network.


TDK (The Design Kids) is a global online resource and local offline communities around the world, for thousands of student and graduate graphic designers. Who aim to educate, inspire and connect you to the design industry. On the first Tuesday of every month, they hold #TDKtuesdays, a super casual, graduate run, monthly design meet-up. While the Northern Young Professionals Network, provide business networking and professional development for young professionals in Northern Tasmania. Creating a place where young professionals can network, meet new people, suss out opportunities in the job network, develop business relationships and assist career development. Match made in heaven, right? 

Meet some new peeps, have a drink, learn some stuff and repeat.

See you on the 1st May, from 5.30-7.00pm in the Kingthing Studio. Click here for directions, and bring along imaginary notepad or printed resume.

Want to learn more about what’s on the agenda? Here you go.

What should a CV look like?

Get advice from Graphic designer and TDK Tasmania host, Isobel Clark on what a kick arse CV should look like and how to stand to make it stand out from a pile. Helping to highlight your strongest skills and make it easier for any future employee to skim your resume with ease. 

What should a CV have on it?

Okay so now it looks good, but what should it say?

Sarah Wells from Kingthing Marketing will discuss some key elements for a successful CV, and no your employer doesn’t need to know that you got your pen license in grade 1! Get your CV put into the yes pile with some simple tips. 

What is an employer looking for?

We have gotten an employer in to tell you exactly what they are looking for when picking up the 100th CV! Rob King, CEO of Kingthing Marketing has a rich history in HR management, so hear it here first and find out what your future employers want to see on your CV.

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